FOR SALE!   1956 Ford THUNDERBIRD.   This beautiful car was parked in a garage just five blocks from where I’ve lived for the past 18 years.   I drove by and the garage door was up….and I caught a gleams.

I was able to buy the car and wish I could keep it,  but I’m restoring a 69 Charger and need the money.

The car runs great!  You can reach through the window,  hit the key and it fires right up and idols smooth.   Amazingly, it has working factory Air Conditioning too!   I’m told the Peacock Greenish blue is a rare color as well.

The car was originally from Arizona and is rust free.   You can get down on the ground and tap a way.   All the lower quarters etc. are original metal.   No Bondo!!!!

The car needs tires, and a dash pad.   The 312 V8 is in great shape and the standard floor shift transmission smooth.   These cars are American Icons and truly works of art. 

Call Hawkeye at 210-548-1310.