There only original once!   I personally would never restore this car.   Its worthy of a classic car museum.   The car has survived 60 years completely original.   I even hold the original Texas Title from dealer to first owner dated 1957.

The car is a factory 283 V8 and automatic transmission.   The paint is original!   Its never had a repaint.   The car runs absolutely beautifully.   The transmission shifts strong and smooth.

All the gauges work,   all the lights work.   Even the original radio sometimes just comes on.   Likely a loose connection there.   The original clock ticks away!

Inside and dash and wheel are very nice.   The original front seat center seam and pulled away,  but I would try to have it restitched.   The original headliner is very nice.

The rear clam doors open and close perfect!   I was amazed how nice the spare tire well is in the car,  its solid,  not rusted out!

The car sat for over 35 years in a garage in East Texas.   I was told when the car was finally removed,  the engine was stuck from sitting,  so it was gone through many years back.   It really runs nicely.

The body is very nice.   The finish is 60 years old,  so while there’s luster,  there is also super cool looking patina.  I just installed four new tires as well.

The only thing known missing is the wiper arms.   However the system is working.

The car is located in San Antonio Texas.   Please feel free to call me with any questions between 9am-9pm CST at Two One Zero-Five Four Eight- Thirteen Ten