Here is one extremely rare car.   This is a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Swept Wing.   It was the top of the line trim package in 57.  The car was bought brand new 63 years ago in New Braunfels Texas at BECKER Chrysler Plymouth.   The car is extremely original and is a rare pink or salmon over cream two-tone.   Very neat looking.

The car is in amazing unrestored condition and has spent most of its life indoors.   We went and rebuilt the factory four-barrel carburetor,  got rid of the old fuel.   Installed new ignition wires, cap, points, rotor and new belts.   The car runs silky smooth.  It has a 325 Cross-Over V8 with push button transmission.    The car came with factory air conditioning,  which for 1957 was rare too!

The body is very nice.   The interior is also in good shape.  Its unlikely you will EVER see another one.    The car is located in San Antonio in the Alamo Heights area.   Thanks for the interest.