I recently pulled this 1973 AMC Javelin out of a garage in Texas after almost 20 years of indoor storage.  Story is,  it was in longterm storage in New Mexico before that.   I have NOT done anything to it accept hand turn the engine.  Which is free.   Oh…and blow the dust off.

Its 100% original paint and neat 70’s graphics.  It truly is a time capsule.   The body is very nice, very solid.  Some small dings and scratches.

Inside is really pretty mind blowing.   Very original and clean.   No cracks in the dash or glass.   Under the front seat covers the original seat covers are cracked up from age.   The back is pretty nice.   The odometer states 58,000,  by the looks of the car and brake pedal,  its likely original.

The vin decodes 360 V8 2 barrel.   Bucket seats,  horse shoe shifter console,  power steering, power powers.  No AC.  The pictures should speak for themselves,  however…feel free to phone me.   The car comes with a clear New Mexico title and 2002 Texas Registration.