Howdy!   Here is the kind of vintage Chevy Blazer you hope to find…. if you’re looking.   I wanted to keep it,  but with everything going on….its on the market.

This is the second to last year of the “fully removable” convertible hard top….1974.   This truck was bought new in Sonora Texas and has never been wreaked or painted or even a roll bar added.   Its original paint.   The truck has the Cheyenne package which was top of the line.

The truck runs the drives very nice.   Its tight,  not sloppy.   The original 350 V8 runs very smooth,  no exhaust leaks, smoke,  misses or knocks.  The truck is a factory air-conditioned truck,  its all there and hooked up,  but not blowing cold.

The body is very nice,  straight and solid.   The truck has brand new “cut to fit” carpet,  the original seats have been re-upholstered.   There is a new alarm system with working power locks added.   The hard to find original center console is there and in good shape.   There is a new but vintage looking stereo that just needs wired in with USB jacks etc.   I still have the original radio with 8 track player.   The truck was ordered with a rare GM branded CB radio.   Its still in the truck…….so cool!!!!

The wheels and tires are brand new.  The truck has a new 3 inch lift with new shocks and springs.

I have a new gauge cluster and tons of extra parts and new trim for the wheel wells.

Its like an old pair of Blue Jeans……perfect!!!