This is NOT a clone or Tribute car,  rather one of the most authentic vintage Police Car finds around.   This 1973 Dodge Polara E86 police car was in service off the old Route 66 back in the 70’s.   I have over 30 pages of original Police service records on this car from Grants New Mexico where it was in service.   I also have the original police auction brochure showing the car listed in 1985 with only 74k miles.   Since then its only had about 3000 miles added.

The car has its original 440 Big Block engine and it has incredible strong oil pressure and runs great.  Its a factory Air Conditioning car but missing compressor.   The car still sports its original paint and interior.   

When I bought the car,  it still had 40 year old bias ply tires mounts.   Now the car has new tires,  with less than 200 miles on them.  The body is nice with some typical police car bumps and bruises.   Again…the car came from dry New Mexico so there is very little rust issues.   There is a little in back of the rear tires.   The floors and trunk pan have no rot or rust through.

All the police decals are on removable magnet backings.   The door shields are true vintage, not reproductions.   I know the lightbar looks great,  but you’ll need to find your own for the car.   This bar stays in my collection.