Finding a authentic police car that has survived since the 1960’s is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Most were driven into the ground. This is likely the only surviving police car from the 1963 Amarillo Texas Police Department. I have decoded the vin number and it does come up as Police Package and has the Certified Speedometer and you can see the black and white paint coming through the old red. The car seems mostly all here and the body is very very nice. There is only one sight drag mark on the passenger rear side, and its not deep. The dash board factory paint still holds a luster. I installed four brand new tires on the car. I have a video also of the car running a few months ago that the past owner sent me. The engine I think is a 318 Poly V8 with a large police alternator. The radiator is now laying in the trunk, not sure why. It likely has a leak. The car has been in dry Texas since new. So its really solid. If you’re into vintage police cars, having one this early is pretty special. The car is in San Antonio Texas now. Please feel free to phone me at 210-548-1310 between 9am-9pm cst time with your question.