Here is one super special old truck.   Its a 1965 Ford Econoline light duty pick up.   If you ever see one of these….there always restored and painted up.   Not this one!!!   This truck was bought new in Austin Texas,  and has never left Texas.   Its had only two original over the last 55 years.

The truck has NEVER been painted,  its still original,  so…… no hidden Bondo or fillers.  It has the deluxe side trim and super cool looking cab corner glass option.

It runs so nice,  smooth.   It drives as it should.   Power nothing!!!!   Its like driving a mini bus.   Its perfect for grocery runs,  Home Depot etc.   Its so cute,  people just smile when they see it.    Very original.   Inline 6 cyl.   three on da tree.   It has new tires and brakes, and the frontend has been rebuilt.

Come drive it!   You’ll take her home.