1931 BUICK 8-66

Howdy from Texas,

I recently acquired this 1931 Buick Model 8-66.   The car was giving to a young lady by her grandfather.    He passed away and the car sat for years in indoor storage.    I bought the car and am impressed with its condition. 

The car was completely restored back in the early 90’s.   Its original!   Under the hood is a straight 8 cylinder motor.   It turns but we haven’t put in the effort to get it to run.   I’m sure it will.

The body is very nice.   The paint has some areas where the paint has chipped or come off.   The clutch has pressure,   even the brakes.

The inside is also pretty nice.   The seat, door panels,  headliner etc. are in good shape only needing a cleaning.   The car has a really neat rumble seat,  it too is in good shape.   Even the back window rolls down.   Very kool!!!!

The car needs tires.   I found black walls at $189 and white walls at $389.   It won’t take much to get this car back on the road.   Located in San Antonio Texas.    Thanks for looking.