1974 Harley Davidson Chopper

1970 True Time Capsule

This 1974 Harley Davidson Chopper was found abandoned in a storage business.   We now have a clear Texas title on it.    The bike was clearly someone’s pride and joy back in the day.    It is gorgeous and unchanged since the 70’s.   It is a true time capsule.

When these bikes went out of style back in the day……many were bastardized for the motors etc.   So finding one like this in 2023 is very rare.    

It has cool emerald green old cool metal flake paint,  Intruder wheels and Sissy bar.   The bike starts and runs good,  but seems to need a clutch and rear brake work.

Would be fabulous in a restaurant with lights shining on it,  biker bar etc.    Or…..be the true bad ass you are and ride it!!!!     Located in San Antonio Texas.