I just acquired this really special vintage military truck.   I have had many,   but never have seen one like this.   

This is a 1956 DAF YA 126 4×4 Truck.   The design is like I have never seen before.    Its a four wheel drive,  of course.   But,  the driveline design is amazing.   The transfer case splits like a capital letter i and each wheels has a driveshaft running down to it independently!

It seems to me everything is about there.   The only thing I know that is missing is the cab top canvas.  The rear canvas is there.    During a winter freeze the engine block cracked.   They pulled it and welded it and reinstalled it.   But they did not finish that job.   Please email me and I’ll send you pictures from under the hood.   

Please do your research on line.   Again,  I have never seen one.   I think a Cummins 12 valve diesel would be amazing too in it!   

The truck comes with notarized a Bill of Sale only.   The truck is in San Antonio Texas.   Call Hawkeye 210-548-1310 for more details.