Offered up this fabulous true Meyers Manx dune buggy.   This thing looks amazing and is a blast to run around in.  Its titled as a 1957 Volkswagen.

The buggy is listed in the Manx national register as buggy # 0531.    About 10 plus years ago the car was at a car show in California and was signed in person by non other than Bruce Meyers himself.    Sadly I understand he has pasted now.    I have an email from has wife Winnie confirming the signature.    The car also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The car is in primo condition.   Starts very fast and runs great.   I believe it’s a 1600cc motor with dual carburetors.   The car has new gauges with Tachometer and GPS Speedometer.    All the lights,  turn signals, horn and wipers work.   

Personally I would put large and wide rear tires on it to give it that period correct look,  maybe a large whip antenna and perhaps

 add some extra flake in the paint. 

It’s real kool.   Located in San Antonio Texas.   Feel free to call me.