1974 Cadillac Miller Meteor AMBULANCE Don’t drive into the next car show in a boring Mustang or Camero. We’ve all seen tens of thousands of those. Restore this very seldom seen 1974 Cadillac Miller Meteor hightop Ambulance. This car was driven to a local car show in 2012, then parked where some knucklehead kids broke a few windows and the past owner decided to sell it before more damage was done. The car has a rare straight body with minimal body rust. The ignition key is lost, but the past owner stated with the ignition rekeyed and a new battery the car will start and drive away. Maybe. The car has super rare Federal Solar Ray moving front facing warning lights, a HUGE Federal Q Coaster Siren, a Federal “Director” Electronic Siren, and a Federal Power Light beacon not shown. Inside I found an original Doctor bag, Oxogen bottles with face masks etc. The car had a factory storage box on the roof. The base of this box held water and rusted some of the center roof. But its flat steel and an easy fix for a good body man. The seats are in amazing original condition. All is all, this car is extremely restorable. The title was lost, but I can get a Texas Bonded Title for under $350. If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Call Hawkeye at 210-548-1310.