Ultra Rare 1966 Avion C-10 Slide-In Camper.   These are very hard to find,  and if you find one,  nine times out of ten,  they’re dented or trashed inside.

Avion was a direct competitor to Air-Stream.   I’ve owned both and feel Avion made a better quality trailer in the early days.

This unit has no dents, drags or hail damage and the inside is…..well amazing and original.

This camper is PERFECT for a vintage pick-up truck.  Imagine it on a  Dodge12 Valve 4×4 Cummings, or Ford Power Stroke!  Or early Dodge Power Wagon.

The camper is 56 years old…..and built to last another 56 years.   Try and get that out of a late model camper.

The camper requires an eight foot fleet-side pick-up bed rated at least 3/4 ton.  The camper has new camper lift jacks and comes with an extra one.   The jacks also have extensions for lifted trucks.

The pictures should speak for themselves,  but please feel free to call me with any questions.   I prefer talking over texting.   Camper is in San Antonio Texas.